3D Courses offered


1. Game Character Design Course - 8 Months

This course will cover - 


  • Zbrush tools and interface

  • Hard Surface/sci-fi modeling:      Weapons/sci-fi assests etc.

  • Human Anatomy and Proportions- Bone and muscles in depth

  • Proportion and posing

  • Making of full one game ready character with texture and presentation

        in marmoset.


  • For making nice topology of your hi-res models and baking 


Substance Painter: 

  • Tools and interface

  • Baking techniques

  • Creating  materials

  • Painting/Texturing techniques.

Final Presentation

  • In Marmoset Viewer

2. 3D Modeling Course- 5 Months

This Course will cover-

Autodesk Maya: 

  • Tools and interface 

  • 3D Modeling techniques

  • Modeling of:  Weapons / Props / Sci-fi assests

  • Uv techniques inside maya.

  • Baking Techniques in maya.


  • Basic tools and interface of Zbrush.

  • Detailing techniques to your imported mesh inside 

        zbrush from maya or any other software.

Substance Painter: 

  • Basic tools and interface

  • Baking techniques

  • Creating your own materials

  • Painting/Texturing techniques.

Final Presentation

  •  In Marmoset Viewer 

3. Mari and Marvelous Designer Course- 2 Months

  • Mari: 

  • Basic tools and interface

  • How can paint realistic textures inside Mari

  • How to make realistic skin details inside Mari for your Zbrush Hi-poly model.

  • How to make realistic skin material inside marmoset for presentation.

Marvelous Designer: 

  • Basic tools and interface of MD.

  • Classes for making hi detailed cloth and fabrics for characters/props.

4. Advance zbrush Character Creation course (8 Months)

What we offer:

  • For artists who have basic knowledge of Zbrush, and they want to boost their personal portfolio

  • Advance techniques for creating hard-surface and Characters in Zbrush.

  • Detail study for Human Anatomy, forms, proportions for Characters.

  • Generating hairs/fur for characters by using multiple tools.

  • Texturing by using Mari / substance painter/ zbrush for realistic results.

  • How to make big composition scenes and their presentation in Zbrush.

  • Detail live classes for showing the character making process from start to finish.

  • Live Classes so that you can ask your doubts at the same time.

Softwares we will use : Zbrush, Topogun, Maya, Substance painter, Mari